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A Little Information About Me

Kelly Smith the Freelance Writer; photo © 2014 KSmith Media, LLC I've always enjoyed writing and I've been freelance writing professionally since 1974. I began writing a feature article and doing stringer work for a local publication, the Sports Edition while working my way through college.

I went on to editing newsletters for two sports clubs (running and triathlon) that I was a member of. After graduating for the University of Houston with a B.S. in Computer Science, I worked as a software engineer and business analyst, which involved coding and a heavy technical writing workload.

These projects were for NASA, the online energy brokering field, and in the transportation sector.

I now freelance full-time, writing both online content and hard copy. I've written for Changes magazine and the Princeton Review among others. Online, I wear multiple hats.

I own and am owner/webmaster/editor of three sites:

  • I Can Fix Up My Home This site provides comprehensive article content. The topics cover exterior projects, interior projects, electrical, plumbing, green construction, and more.

  • The Green Frugal As the name infers, this site offers content revolving around green and frugal living. Much of the emphasis is on the family but there are sections on organic gardening, cooking & recipes, health and wellness, book reviews, and more.

  • Running Across Texas This site is focused on running in Texas, complete with an interactive race calendar, but also offers information on general fitness, sports medicine, nutrition, and more.

I invite you to have a look at my sites to get an idea of my style and decide for yourself whether you think I can help you. I’ll bet I can!

Why Do You Need My Professional Writer’s Services?

Why indeed? You might be growing your business and you need some killer copy to retain current customers and add new ones. But chances are, your focus is on the business aspects of the operation. That's where I come in.

And face it, some people just don't like to write. It may be the result of high school term paper nightmares.

Are you thinking of putting together a memoir of your life and that of your loved ones to pass on to your children and grandchildren? Let me be your ghostwriter. Please feel free to contact me at admin@ksmithwriter.com!